Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And here it is . . . Inman Road

A view of Inman Road, looking more or less north from the end of our driveway. This pic was taken in early April 2004. (that's Jen's shoulder on the right). It's a quiet road, just off of Highway 24. The road continues for another couple of miles, and ends up petering out into a trail. We have some wonderful neighbours who would do anything for you. We've met more people from our street and the surrounding area in the past year than we know in our current neighbourhood. And that's another reason we can't wait to move.

We had a moving company come by tonight to give us a free quote on what it would cost to move us. Being the dead of winter and very much the "off" season would equal a sixty percent discount. It seems affordable, and we'll think it over. Posted by Picasa

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