Friday, November 04, 2005

Window Woes

Perfect. The living rom window doesn't fit. Despite Sandra ordering a 6x5 window, they delivered a 6'6"x5 window. This is not good. Sandra is in discussions with the manufacturer and with someone else around getting a new window ASAP. We can't defer the delivery date, as the place needs to be ready to hook up to natural gas on the 28th. Things have actually gone very smoothly - there had to be something to cause a bit more stress.

Bridge Creek and Hydro are getting together in the next week or so to run in electricity. Hydro is going to install a transformer on the pole south of our driveway; Bridge will install a meter pole near our driveway, and then install an underground line to the house.

And that's the Inman Road update for November 4.

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Dear Family,

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Love J