Thursday, January 12, 2006

I feel...special.

The staff and residents had a farewell party for me this afternoon - I was showered with gifts, with cards, with flowers, with balloons, with praise, and with was wonderful. After 10 years, I'm sad to be leaving, but so excited about the move. The staff have been circulating a notebook for the last few weeks, and nearly everyone has written something for's going to be my bedtime reading the meantime, I've been sorting through and pricing stuff for the moving sale Saturday, making neon signs and wrapping in plastic to post around the neighbourhood, and denting the wall moving a bookcase that I should have waited for help with.

Just talked to Mike, he's coming down for the weekend! He gets to do fun jobs like disassemble wall units, patio tables, etc. etc.

And now, Jasper and I are going for a drive around the neighbourhood, in the dark and pouring rain, to post my signs.

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