Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm unemployed. I have a rotten cold.

The leadership group took me out for a late lunch at Sammy J. Peppers on Friday, and by 3:30 I was home and jobless. I got a fabulous Starbuck's barrista machine, spa certificates for the Hills Ranch, and $ to purchase a Hawthorne tree in the spring as a remembrance. I wonder how they do in Zone 3, and if deer are fond of them?

Mike arrived home at about 8 pm Friday, after driving all day after driving all night. The moving sale on Saturday was a big success, and netted over $1K! Yay. Sunday was busy too - Mike did a dump run, and we moved furniture, packed, disassembled and generally created more clutter than we cleared. Our house is not looking attractive at the moment. Stu's girls arrived with Chris and Kim's friend Ari on Sunday night to pick up some furniture; we hadn't seen them in forever! I was too sick to get out of bed on Monday morning when Mike left, and didn't accomplish much at all. Today featured a trip to the vet with Lucy to have a lesion excised from her leg - she's all dopey and has a buckethead. I did tons of work in the kitchen today, and the cupboards are 70% done. My God, we have way too much stuff. I'm filling the dining room with stuff for the SalvationArmy to come and pick up later in the week, or at the beginning of next week.

9 days left.

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Jennifer said...

Crataegus mordenensis SNOWBIRD HAWTHORN® Upright, hardy variety that produces double white flowers. Leaves are dark green and lobed with serrated edges. Produces bright crimson fruit sparingly. Mature height of 15' x 10'. Zone 3.

Crataegus mordenensis TOBA HAWTHORN Produces double flowers of deep rose and red fruit that lasts into the fall. Mature height of 15' x 10'. Zone 3.

from: www.agriforestbiotech.com/ShadeTrees.pdf

Hawthorne trees have nasty spikes on them, so they should have some defense, but if you cage the young thing in wire till it's old enough to grow up and out of the way, they should do just fine.