Thursday, December 14, 2006

All is Calm...

The house is strangely quiet this morning. There's no black streak zooming back and forth at high speed. There's no one tormenting the dogs, or climbing the door frames. The tablecloth hasn't been pulled off since yesterday. Molly is at the vet, being spayed this morning. That'll slow her down...for a day or two, anyway.
As I had to be in town relatively early this morning, I took a quick shower before going out to feed Buck and Rupert. Things were a bit more frosty than they have been recently when I went out, and when I got back in, my hair was crunchy! I hadn't looked at the thermometer before I went was minus 15! Note to self: Wash hair after feeding horse & donkey.
The knee is a bit bruised, but fine.

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