Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's a grey, melty, drippy, blustery morning on Inman Road. The weather matches my health today. I have a cold, and my nose is about as drippy as the roofline. A good day for staying inside with a good book. I'm contemplating whether or not I'm healthy enough to go to work this afternoon.

Rupert wasn't too thrilled about being photographed this morning. He has shavings on him snoozing from his bed. You can see clearly where he's missing a chunk of his right ear. This happened long before he came to live with us, and his previous people said it was that way when they got him. I suspect an altercation with another donkey once upon a time.
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Vic Grace said...

Sorry about the cold I guess the bugs are getting thawed out too.

Karen & Mike said...

All better today, thanks!