Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset

When I was visiting family and friends "on the coast" (as we Caribooers like to say) last weekend, it seemed that it stayed a little lighter in the afternoon than it does at home. Sure enough, when I checked the sunrise and sunset times for 100 Mile and Vancouver, there's quite a difference in daylight, with us coming up short. The sun is currently rising a minute later here, and going to bed a whole fifteen minutes earlier. Happily, this reverses itself and in summer we bask in daylight for longer. In the meantime, we're gaining about 3 minutes of light per day.

Daylight savings time starts early this year, March 11. Computers don't know about this, and will have to be reset twice.

The warm weather will be leaving us today, and we should be back to minus 20 by Saturday. I haven't worn gloves for two days!

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Vic Grace said...

Our roads are very icy right now. Although it is nice to have the warm days they leave a problem in their wake. Everywhere I go seems to be a skating rink and although the cleats help they don't always work