Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a grey windy Monday, but after what the lower mainland endured for weather over the weekend, I'm not complaining. Mike's run to the coast has been cancelled today, due to mudslides in the Fraser Canyon, so he's going to be hauling down to Cache Creek, then back to Chasm to reload twice, finishing in Cache Creek.

The melt is most definitely on here, and it's exposing things that I can burn! I'm a slight pyromaniac at heart, and there's nothing I like doing around the property better than burning old branches, stumps and windfalls. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a fire going. And I'll need to get a permit for an industrial burn to get rid of a big slash pile at the east end.

On Saturday we went for an impromptu drive to check out the sights at Bridge Lake...we drove for miles along backroads and eventually circled back to Hwy 24. There are tons of guest ranches tucked in behind Bridge Lake. Most of the roads are active logging roads...there were trucks working on the weekend trying to get the logs out before break up.

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