Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Of all the moments I've wished I had the camera handy, last night was near the top of the list. Mike left for work around 6:30 and I did gate duty, opening and closing it for him. I was wandering back to the house, stomping on ice at the edge of the driveway, when I heard a vehicle and looked up. It was Mike, backing along the road, frantically waving for me to get in the truck. I did, and just down the road on the north side was a beautiful, leggy juvenile moose, hanging out at the neighbours. We watched him for a few minutes, and as Mike had to get to work, I came home. It was a lovely sight.

I think it may be one of the orphaned twins who hung around last summer. He was at another neighbour's last week...being fed celery through a window!

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Vic Grace said...

Special. So nice to be close to nature isn't it