Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Little Moose

He (she?) was standing motionless in the woods across the street. I took these just a few minutes ago. Not the best photos, but you can't be too fussy, photographing a moose hidden in the forest at dusk.


ila gowen said...

Inman chronicles, I do recall one of the Lone Butte locals being "Red Inman" I grew up in that neck of the woods.

Vic Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by. I wish we had a Chapters nearby I would spend a lot of time in there. We saw a dead moose on the road today probably hit by a logging truck last night, by the time we were coming home it had completely disappeared. Probably someome has butchered it and it is hanging in their garage!

Karen & Mike said...

Yes indeed, Ila...our road is named after Red Inman. His old farm is just along the road from us. Where did you live?

Vic, I'm afraid our moose will meet a similar fate...I wish he'd go somewhere more remote!