Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Garden Centre Therapy

To be blunt, work today sucked. And so, enroute home I took a little detour to the garden centre and bought some new perrenials. They were on sale, which was nice, but at this time of year, they could have knocked off more than 20%. I am just in from planting them, and feel a lot happier.


Vic Grace said...

It is lovely to do that. I prefer perennials but I worry about survival. We are classed as a 2B area here but some 3 plants do survive and then some of the plants marked 2 don't. Go figure.

It has not been a good summer here. It was extremely hot for a week but we have had a lot of torrential rain storms and all this moisture has created a bug hell. I nipped out for 5 minutes to the compost a couple of days ago and came back with 19 black fly bites. I had long pants, shoes and socks, long sleeved thick men shirt over everything. I waiting for the first frost to kill the buggers

Cicero Sings said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad day at work! But I'm glad to hear the garden center is still open! I was thinking it would be nice to get a Mock Orange. They seem to do good here on the 108 ... my sister in law has 2 and they look fantastic at the moment and smell pretty good too. Which garden centre did you go to?

I think perennials are great. You only pay once!

Jennifer said...

what did you buy????



Karen & Mike said...

I went to Lone Butte garden centre; Horse Lake is closed for the season already!

I got mostly stuff for the rock garden; alpine poppies, campanula, serbian sedum, pink cutleaf anemones, hens & chicks.

Sorry about all your bug problems, Vic...it sounds miserable. The mosquitoes are worse than usual here this year, but with a light spray of Off, it's okay to be out in shorts and no sleeves. We're teetering on the cold side of zone three here, but with the milder winters anything zone 3 seems to do fine.