Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mike and I had a long and at times slightly heated discussion this evening about just how we're going to be able to accomplish all that we need to get done this year. I'm getting frustrated with lack of progress, and he's getting frustrated with me for getting frustrated. And so on. And so on.

Mike's work schedule this summer has been horrid. Abysmal even. There's no predictable routine, days off have gotten changed at a moment's notice, and days scheduled for one and a half trips have been arbitrarily bumped up to two trips. This has made it hard to get things done. Next week should bring a positive change, as his bosses' trucks are switching companies.

To address the stuff that needs doing we've made a giant list and prioritized everything. Now that it's down on paper, a lot of it will get accomplished in short order. And then I won't get frustrated. And so on.

The main focus of this blog has always been to document our progress in developing our property, with a bit of rural lifestyle stuff thrown in for good measure. When I look back through the archives and see what we've done, it's pretty impressive. We're kind of in the doldrums right now, with not much happening on the visible progress side of things. Now that there's a definite plan of attack, I should have plenty more to post about. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Mike,
You don't know me but I really feel that I know you from reading your Chronicles. I can hardly wait for your next bit of news and the photos - I love the photos.
Last week, when my husband and I took a quick trip up to Lone Butte I just HAD to drive up Inman Road to see your place for real. We saw. We were so impressed at all the clearing you have done. Holy cow! That's a lot of work! We saw Buck but he was the only sign of life that we could see on the home front. Mind you, we didn't get out of the car. We just drove up to the gate. Gosh. I really felt that I was spying or something. My poor husband was horrified that I knew so much about this place we were parked in front of and that he didn't know existed!
So now let me introduce myself so I can get rid of these guilt feelings.
My name is Judy MacKinnon.
About 12 years ago, my husband and I bought a piece of waterfront property on Irish Lake. We and our families loved spending our summer weekends there . But vandalism reared it's ugly head and we had to rent the house out in order to save it from destruction. Now we drive up to Irish Lake at least once in a summer, visualize the great memories, stay in a hotel in town and then sadly turn around and go home.
OK. So now you know who I am. I hope you continue to write the Inman Road Chronicles. I really enjoy them. It makes me feel like I'm getting letters from home.
Thank you!

Judy said...

Hello again Karen and Mike,
I forgot to tell you that we live in Surrey - not that far but far enough to limit our travels to the beautiful South Cariboo.
Gas prices and hotel costs have forced us to think twice about taking a little spin up to the lake.

Karen & Mike said...

Judy, I feel quite honoured that you went to the effort of taking a little detour to find the home of the Inman Road Chronicles. Next time you are up, you must let us know you're coming and come and meet us and all the four legged friends.

How sad that you're not able to enjoy your place on Irish Lake ... maybe on day you'll be able to again.

I love that line, "letters from home". I've incorporated it with my blog title.

Thanks for introducing yourself, and I hope you'll drop by often to say hello!