Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Planning comes Progress

Give Mike a list, and he leaps into action! He's crossed about a zillion things off it already.

We believe we have found a builder for the house! We will do the contracting ourselves, and as this guy is extremely versatile, all we'll need to go elsewhere for is the drywalling and mudding. We'll do our own painting and clean-up. That will begin next spring. Unfortunately we didn't have foresight to place the raised beds and greenhouse elsewhere (that's where the house is going!), but we will move them this fall so the ground is clear.

We spent the morning working on the west fence. We have page wire all around the perimeter of the property, topped with a strand of barbed wire to stop Buck from leaning over. The wire has loosened due to windfalls coming down on it. While Mike was tightening, I was cutting aspen and willow suckers away from the fence. Were you aware that for every aspen tree you cut down, about eight thousand aspens pop up to replace it? Well, perhaps that's a slight exageration, but holy crap there are a lot of them to contend with.

This afternoon we had to drive up to Williams Lake to get a few things unavailable in 100 Mile. We spent a hellish fifteen minutes trying to get someone to help us in Canadian Tire, and eventually gave up and went to Home Hardware. I have come to despise big stores.

Mike took on the cooking tonight...grilled wild salmon, zucchini sauteed with garlic and oregano, spinach and chard sauteed with garlic, parsleyed baby potatoes, and a tomato bocconcini salad with basil. Most ingredients came fresh picked from the was divine. Being married to a former chef has its definite advantages.

All plans for tomorrow have been bumped ahead...we got a call this evening that our hay is ready in 70 Mile, and we have to go and pick it up. Imagine us tomorrow humping 150 bales of hay around.

I charged the camera today, so will be putting up pics tomorrow or Monday.

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