Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hey...hay! Scenes from a hayfield.

Three trips to 70 Mile, and 9 hours later, we have 150 bales of super nice hay crammed into our hayshed. Here's me...I got to do the easy part for the first two loads. On trip #3 we didn't need the trailer, so I had to drive and pick up bales while Mike stood in the back of the truck and stacked bales.

Here are Dennis and Dennis loading the truck on our first trip.

And here's Ken, raking the hay before baling. We took all the already baled hay on our first two trips, and when we got back for load #3, we picked up bales that had been made only minutes earlier.

And here's the hayshed crammed full. We have sore, scratched forearms, and we're more than a little tired. The baler was acting up and was making the bales too large for the bale-picker-upper to use...this is a good thing for us, as the bales are almost twice as heavy as last year!


Cicero Sings said...

Ahhh, haying. Hard work. I've tried it only once. I'm pretty whimpy! I like the old square bales ... seems everyone has gone to those huge, round, rolled ones these days.

Your critters sure will be happy over the winter ... yum oh yum.

Sounds like you are on a roll with your lists.

Karen & Mike said...

I like the small square bales too. They are so much easier to manage, and it's much easier to tell how much the critters are eating. Ours gorge if free-fed hay; so I prefer to portion their hay.