Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gone Truckin'

Mike left for the coast this morning around 5:30, and will be back I-don't-know-when. He's picking up odds and ends that he needs today. The guy who was going to do the decals today now says he can't do them till tomorrow morning, so that puts Mike behind before he even gets started. Oh well. He'll get his dispatch in the morning, and will head for wherever he's going tomorrow afternoon. We managed to find space for all the stuff that needed to go in the truck, and there's room to spare still.

The South Cariboo is mild and blustery this afternoon. After I was done at work I unloaded all the shavings, brought in some firewood, and took the dogs along the fenceline for a romp. I gathered up branches, roots, and other wood debris to make five smallish burn piles to be lit another day. There's so much clean up to do that this is quite an insignificant contribution, but I suppose every bit helps a little.


Cicero Sings said...

A lovely mild day to be sure! We just got in from a good long walk!

Glad you got your critters for company while Mike is off truckin'!

Karen & Mike said...

The decals went on late yesterday afternoon, after all. Mike says they look great.