Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Deer

Once in a while I have work a slightly irregular schedule. Last evening, around 7 pm I was driving back to the hospital and as I headed around a curve on Hwy 97, I met three deer in the road; one in my lane, one on the centre line, and the third in the oncoming lane. Tires screeched, horn blared, and I learned the meaning of "like a deer in the headlights". The one in my lane froze, and only leapt out of the way at the last instant, missing being killed by about 6 inches. I was quite shaken, but both Bambi and I came out unscathed. I'm going to use the pick-up truck for night driving; visibility is much better being up higher.

Our trucker buddy is currently in Elkford, and will be heading toward Gainesville, Florida this afternoon. Me, I have my lighter, newspaper and 400 ft of garden hose, and I'm going out to do some burning.


Cicero Sings said...

Oh dear is right! Yikes. I'm glad you both came through unscathed! We came home via Hwy 24 the night we returned and I worried the whole time about deer on the road. I had my eyes peeled. Actually, I pulled over in Lone Butte to let D drive the rest of the way!

Elkford to Florida ... now that's a long haul! Personally, I'm not fond of driving or being a passenger and can't imagine those that do it for a living. More power to him!

Glad to hear you had your hose in readiness ... just in case!

Vic Grace said...

It is nerve racking driving at night when you live in rural areas. I drove home the other evening at about 11pm and was scared I would hit a moose. I crawled as I don't think my little car would fare well let alone me.

Ruth said...

I worry about deer on the road between dusk and dawn. Two of my friends have been killed in accidents just outside the city because of deer in the past 10 years.(They swerved to avoid the deer...wrong thing to do!) My husband hit a deer when driving home from a fishing trip and it caused a lot of damage to the boat trailer. Do you have moose in your area?