Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Minus 19.5 this morning, folks! And it's -14.5 out now, so I expect and even colder start to the day tomorrow. We've had beautiful blue skies and sunshine, and have been outside enjoying the glorious weather.

Yesterday afternoon we tackled the windfalls that came down beside and across the fence on the roadside. A neighbour came by with a chainsaw and an offer of help, which we gladly accepted, and within an hour and a half, Mike & Allan had limbed and bucked up several large trees. They tossed the branches across the fence, which I burned - mostly beetle-killed pine, so I had quite an inferno going. Later Mike and I tossed all the logs over the fence (good thing we did - Mike came across a man and woman standing beside the fence this morning, ready to fill their pickup with the fruits of our labour! - Geez, people, cut your own wood...a mile up the road there's enough logging slash to heat a home till the end of time).

Today while I was at work Mike split & hauled all the wood, and we made a good dent into stacking it (sorry Mom & Dad, it's being stored on your RV deck!).

Our family is soon to grow by one! We are adopting a young small dog from an animal rescue. I believe he is a poodle/sheltie cross, is charcoal grey with a white chest, is so ugly he's cute, and is currently named Fraggle. He is going to be Mike's trucking buddy, and will be renamed Tucker. Tucker the trucker. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?!


Cicero Sings said...

It sure is a lot colder up your way! Only -7.6 here as of 9:30.

As for bucking up wood ... we keep having saw troubles ... ours was way to small and on the borrowed saw, the chain tension isn't working ... though D thinks he's fixed it now. We didn't get much wood done today because we went to town ... library ... then grocery shopping. Spent way too long. I bought some material to make D's Mom some place mats for her birthday in early January.

So your adopting! I would like a dog but D says no, not with going back and forth to Vancouver all the time. I love going on walks with dogs. One day. I like both names, Fraggle AND Tucker the Trucker. D had a dog ... Charlie ... Charlie Brown Ha, ha!

TTFN ... Ciceroooooo

Elaine said...

How do you find driving to work in the snow -- are the roads alright?
Its not snowing hear yet in Lantzville but getting quite cold at night. I too have a horse, Dusty, who I go trail riding with. Is Buck a riding horse?
Regards and keep warm,

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to meet Tucker in springtime!!!


Karen & Mike said...

CS,I checked Google Earth, and we're about 750 feet higher, which might explain our cooler temperatures? Plus we're sitting right up on the plateau, your area is kind of tucked away. Thanks for the reminder for the library...I have stuff to go back! :)

Elaine, the roads are kept up fairly well here. I have an all wheel drive Subaru, and top notch snow tires, and haven't had any difficulty. Buck is a super horse, and is fun to ride. He was born at the Alkalai Lake reserve, and spent several years living out in the bush. He's had 4 or 5 owners, but he'll be with us now forever. He's about 17. I don't ride him very often, but when I do, it's like he was just ridden yesterday.

Another little brother, Jen! xoxo

Ruth said...

Cold and clear! I would like that better than the damp, grey weather we have for much of the winter. You do need plenty of fuel for sure.

Vic Grace said...

Hope your soap making went well. I waved as we drove by. We had run into a snow storm in Prince George but the rest of the trip was gray but uneventful.