Monday, November 19, 2007

Change of Routine Required...

The morning routine at our house is...reach for eyeglasses (otherwise blindness ensues), get out of bed. Stumble to bathroom, then pause in kitchen to fill kettle and turn on. Head to door. Open said door, and let Lucy out. Gillis will be directly behind Lucy. Next, holler for Jasper, who is still lounging on the bed and doesn't want to go out. Put on warm jacket, gloves and boots, and throw hay over the fence to Buck and Rupert. Head back inside with all dogs. Make tea, feed dogs. Dogs then go back outside. If it's a workday, I get ready for work, and they stay out until just as I'm leaving...if not, they can come back in whenever is convenient, or whenever Gillis barks annoyingly to come back in.

Now this routine works just fine most of the time. The problem that has arisen is Gillis. Gillis adores cold weather, and loves snow the best. And when it's a cold, fine morning, he likes to go exploring. Unless he's within several feet of you, however, due to his ripe old age he's pretty much deaf as a post. And this morning, he was blythely off galavanting in the woods, and I was all dressed for work, uselessly calling and calling him. Work shoes were exchanged for boots, and I headed out to find him, but he was way out of earshot, and I could see him heading deeper and deeper into the forest.

I had to leave for work. Luckily Mike was still home, though ready to leave too, and he retrieved G and saved him from spending the morning outside at -16 degrees. Mike's not always here though, so things need to change a little over the winter months, if I'm not to be trekking through the forest every morning.

The second doggy outing of the morning is going to have to be "on leash" for the G-ster, otherwise he's going to be spending some long, lonely mornings outside.
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Mrs. Miles said...

hmmm... colder weather does not daunt dogs from rising early in the winter... guess thats a definite indication on the intelligence scale of why we surprass them LOL!

I must admit, reading your blog made me grateful all over again for the blessing that I can work from home and that my sweet husband brings me a coffee in bed first thing each morning - and makes sure the house is warm and cozy before I ever have to touch my little princess feet to the carpet each day.

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and have been reading it the last few days. What a huge job you and Mike have undertaken -- just love reading about it. I am semi retired and hubbie and I moved from Vancouver 3 yrs ago to Lantzville (Nanaimo), Vancouver Island. I look forward to reading more posts.

Karen & Mike said...

Thanks for visiting; nice to have new readers!

Barb - The cold weather seems to invigorate the dogs - they love it outside, but then they want in to lounge in front of the fire!

Elaine - It is a very big job, but we've never been happier. I work part time, but it feels like plenty...there's always a ton to do around here.