Thursday, November 01, 2007

Burning on a grand scale

Cliff was here with his excavator this afternoon and made short work of the two easternmost slash piles. He did lots of surrounding clean up too, and it's looking good at the end of the "field." The glowing embers of the two huge fires look quite lovely from the road tonight. Tomorrow he will do the remaining five piles and that'll bring "burning season 2007" to a close. Cliff stirred up the ashes from my first fire of almost two weeks ago, and it sprung right back to life and burned some more.

Aparently, when I was very small, my parents spent more than they could probably afford, and bought me doll sized replica of a Silver Cross pram, (one of those English nanny baby buggies). Instead of taking my dolls for walks in it, I'd pile it high with all my toys and play "bonfire". What can I say? I've had a life long fascination with burning stuff! Not a very green hobby.

In other news, our favourite owner/operator's next destinations are Arkansas and Georgia!

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