Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looking Back...

Tucker and his siblings arrived at Turtle Gardens on February 28 soaked, frosted, terrified, traumatized and unsocialized. That's him top left. They looked like little possums!
Before he was Fraggle, he was Raven...and very, very shaggy.

Here he was at the height of his hippie phase (on the right) before Yvette shaved him!

Tucker is becoming braver each day, and each day his tail rides a little higher in the air. Today it even wagged a few times. He is finding his place in the doggy hierarchy of the house, and isn't hiding every time we walk by. This afternoon while we were out feeding Buck and Rupert we dropped the leash and let him mingle with the others...he almost did a runner, but thought better of it, and bounded back up the stairs and inside with the others when we came in.

A few inches of new snow overnight. Mike plowed the drive and around the house this morning.
When I left for work this morning the highways had compacted snow, when I came home, they were slushy and sloppy.


Cicero Sings said...

Those dogs DID look like possums when they were little! Tucker is feeling loved and almost at home already!!!! Lucky dog.

sexy said...