Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

A glorious sunrise this morning! I headed out to work as the sun was coming up, and a little later on, Mike headed out to Nevada.

Tucker will be accompanying Mike in the New the meantime, he's becoming familiar with how things are done "on the farm". His playful side is beginning to emerge: he's begun gathering up all Molly's toys, and almost died of fright when he sunk his teeth into the squeaky toy we bought him on the weekend!

It's supposed to be darned cold here on Friday...note to self, use extra heater in the wellhouse Thursday night. When the temperature drops below -27 we've had a problem with the incoming waterline from well to the wellhouse freezing. The solution lies in pointing a ceramic heater slightly downward into the hole the pipe emerges from.

Off to do glamourous things like laundry and dishes. Back in a day or two.
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