Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's been quite a productive day. First a trip to the 100 Mile Arts Council craft fair in town. There are plenty of talented people around. Spent an hour poking around there, followed by a latte at the Chartreuse Moose. After that home, and made leek & potato soup. Next, poop scooping in Rupert's pen and the pasture. Following that, I emptied out all the petunia pots (I should have done that 6 weeks ago) and stored them in the greenhouse. Next, a walk to the end of the field to stoke up the last remnants of the last fire of the year. Then I gathered up some firewood that Mike had cut a couple of weeks ago, and now I proclaim it to be time for a big steaming mug of tea. It's a sunny, blustery afternoon. No snow at all here.

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