Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Snow, please...and freeze, while you're at it.

This hovering just above zero dampness is downright...coastal. It's damp and bone chilling, and just unpleasant. I can normally wander outside to feed the boys in the morning in my trademark nightgown, boots and plaid quilted workshirt quite comfortably even in the minus 20's - when the humidity is low. This morning I was freezing and it wasn't even literally freezing out. And so, Mr. Weatherman...I would like things to cool down just a little, and let's swap the wet stuff for the white stuff while you're at it. Mud season ought to be over by now...I want to exchange the wellies for the snow boots. It's time!


Ruth said...

Southern Ontario is know for its damp winters. I agree that a dry cold is far more comfortable, but I doubt we will see that until January. If the Great Lakes freeze over, we get less airborne moisture.

Cicero Sings said...

We're with you on this ... bring on the snow!

Vic Grace said...

It has been snowing for about 24hours here