Friday, November 16, 2007

Something New...

Today I met a blogging friend, and she introduced me to soapmaking (and then treated me to tea and delicious oat bars)! I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and I think I'll start making my own soap in the near future. Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon, CS!

On my way home I picked up some flatted oats for Buck at the feed store, and this evening I'm catching up on laundry. The dogs are restless and particularly "buggy" tonight. Mike will be back sometime late tomorrow from places far away and not particularly exotic.

On the weekend agenda: not waking up to an alarm clock. Tomorrow evening is the dance at the Lone Butte hall...a fundraiser to replace the fence of the Lone Butte cemetary. The functions at the hall are always fun, and it's nice to catch up with "the locals."

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Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Karen!

Welcome to the world of blogging - and thanks for sharing your adventures as a transplanted city dweller heading back to nature. I look forward to checking in on you in the future.

I'm green w/ envy of your soap-making and being so close to E. - wonderful peoples, the kind that make the world go round in a better way, I'd say.

Mrs. Miles