Friday, December 14, 2007

Feeling Better

Thanks all for your kind words yesterday. The funk has lifted, and it's business as usual here today. I have wangled two days off work next week, and Mike is going to mind the farm while I do a quick trip south and do some visiting.

Fairly mild here today with the temperature hovering a degree or two below freezing all afternoon.

Elaine asked what Buck is up to? Eating, sleeping, and pooping. That's pretty much it at this time of year. Once in a while he wanders around a bit, but it's pretty much hanging-out-at-the -fence-waiting-for-the-next-meal season. (The hanging around part makes for great compost - Mike scrapes the area with the tractor blade every couple of weeks, and come fall we have composted manure extraordinaire) We don't have to feed at all May through September, and he roams the property foraging, with Rupert never far behind. We have ample hay to last the winter (on paper at least) and are going through a bale every other day - we buy small rectangular bales for ease of handling and monitoring intake. Last spring we put out half a round bale for them to finish, and Rupert almost exploded (well, not quite). I'm trying to get Buck used to beet pulp for extra calories on the coldest days, but he's not very impressed with it. He's getting a big coffee can of flatted oats every afternoon, and Rupert gets a handful of apple flavored treats.

This afternoon we were at the vet for shots for Tucker and Molly. Tucker was a model of very good, though slightly timid behaviour! He even willingly got back in the car when we were done...not sure if he's overcoming his fear of travel, or if he figured it was a slightly more favourable option than being abandoned at the clinic.

Photos tomorrow.

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