Wednesday, December 05, 2007


When I went to went to bed last night it was +3 and drizzling; when I let the dogs out this morning in the dark, it was -11 and I could see it was snowing...I didn't realize until I got out there myself that we'd had about a 15 cm dumping of snow overnight. Everything looks pristine and fresh again.

I arrived home from work this afternoon to find that some kind soul (I'm thinking Cliff) had plowed the driveway! How nice is that?! I'm grateful as today was my "long" day at work, and I wasn't really looking forward to getting out the tractor this evening.

The dogs all had a great frolic in the snow and are all tired out and sprawled on their beds sleeping. I stopped at the pet store to get Tucker a "belly band" help re-establish his house training etiquette - unfortunately I chose one too small (I can't get my head around him being a size Medium - he's such a little pun intended!), so I'll have to exchange it tomorrow.

Buck and Rupert got warm bran mashes tonight as a treat...that was the best part of my day -being out in the cold (but bundled up warm) mixing up their dinners in the dying light, with the dogs having the time of their lives romping around like 4 pups.

Mike has had to reroute his trip north to avoid the Interstate 5 closure between Portland and of the highway are under several feet of water. It will add about 200 miles to his journey, but the road may not reopen for days. There are truckers stranded indefinitely between those two cities - I feel for them.

I promise photos tomorrow.


Cicero Sings said...

Wasn't the snow a Godsend?! Yes, we did get out for a short ski today ... only 4km but enough to getour ski legs back again. Do you ski?

What's a belly band? D nor I have heard of this. Obviously it deters the little fellow from squirting when he shouldn't but how exactly does it work?

Lucky Buck and Rupert! WARM mash yet. Oh yum.

Poor Mike ... 200 extra miles but at least he isn't stuck sitting.

Karen & Mike said...

I used to use my mom's skis a zillion years ago. I snowshoe in the winter.

A belly band is a male doggy diaper that wraps around the body and covers the will be on him when he's inside to deter him from wetting himself, which he hopefully won't like doing, and be taken off when he goes out to encourage him to pee in the great outdoors. He was previously housetrained, but had a doggy door, so had outdoor access at all times. He's a pretty smart little guy, so it shouldn't take long to get him conditioned to doing his business outside.