Monday, December 03, 2007

A Tucker Report...

Young Tucker is thoroughly at home with the other dogs now. He remains cautiously friendly with me, but still tries to deke out of the way rather than being caught when approached. I'd removed the short leash from his harness, but have put it back because I don't find it too much fun doing laps around the coffee table so I can get him. He will approach on his own terms, and responds much better to an upturned palm than a downturned one. He walks happily with me on or off the leash and is never far away when loose. He's still iffy about accepting hand offered treats, sometimes he will, and sometimes he won't. Our bed is his favorite spot, and there isn't a glove, shoe or bathmat in this house that hasn't been taken to a new location. He goes out unaccompanied with the other dogs for short periods and trots around happily in the woods with them (we are fully fenced with page wire for those who worry about him going AWOL). My goal for him for the short term is that he be happy and comfortable in his new home base. It is Mike who he will form the strongest bond with, as they will be together in close quarters 24/7. He will have to learn about trucks and truck stops and going to different places every day, but not just yet. I have to consciously stop myself from reassuring him about everything, but that would feed into his fear and shyness. He's come a long way in a little over a week, and I know that in time, he'll be just fine.

Nothing much else to update about today. The "pineapple express" has turned the snow to a melty mess. It was -9 when I left work in 100 Mile, and +2 at home! I spent a little time plowing the driveway this afternoon. There's a freezing rain warning for our area, but so far, no precipitation. Freezing rain on frozen roads is not a good combination. Mike has been in Nevada and has missed the worst of the weather.

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