Sunday, January 27, 2008


We've had some company! A cow moose and her calf have been taking shortcuts through our place. They leave meandering, drunken looking tracks in the snow, and Mike was able to get this shot on Friday. They've been within 10 feet of the hay shed, but very luckily for us, they didn't bother to check out its contents. I'd have a hard time explaining to Buck and Rupert why their rations were dwindling.

It's supposed to get extremely cold here for the next few days. B&R will get a warm bran mash tonight in anticipation of a very, very, chilly night. We went to the mill this morning and bagged lots of free shavings for their bedding.

Poop scooping Cariboo style! The boys hang out by the fence, leaving lots of poopsicles that aren't easily shoveled. The tractor does a great job of cleaning up the area. It's snowing quite hard at the moment, so it'll look white and pristine until the next deposit!

Snow games! Jasper and Lucy have a great time frolicking in the snow. There's been no word to pass on about Tucker. We miss him terribly, but the raw, biting pain of his disappearance is lessening.

Yesterday morning was productive...we cut a tree off the fence that had fallen from the neighbour's side, and we split lots of kindling. We did some exploring behind the far end of Horse Lake, and wound down the day with a visit to the pub at 70 Mile.
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Vic, the Cariboo Ponderer said...

I wish I had a giant pooper scooper although I only have one dog.

It is meant to get really really cold the next few days. We are snuggling down inside.

I heard that horses where deathly afraid of moose, and won't stay where they are. Don't know if that is just a tale or not.

Cicero Sings said...

Pretty handy pooper scooper all right!

Starting to be kind of miserable out there now! D just got in from a ski.

We went around the far end of Horse Lake about a year ago now too ... there were all these acreage parcels neatly marked off but nothing for sale really. Looked like they would be expensive if they were for sale!

There's been a moose out back of our place but we haven't seen it yet.

I'm off to sip my tea! I checked in to see if you had posted ... to see what the weather was like your end. You always seem to have it a bit colder than here.