Monday, January 28, 2008

A wee bit chilly here. Minus 32 early this morning, and perhaps colder tonight. Tomorrow should be a bit warmer. Buck and Rupert were together inside the loafing shed this morning. Buck can generally be found outside in rain, shine, sleet or hail...but I guess even he has his limits on how cold he wants to get. Even though it's picture perfect outside, the best place to be today is inside by the fire.


Anonymous said...

Minus 32??????????? Not to much colder and molecular motion will cease. Hope you've got a whole lot of firewood cut and ready:)


Karen & Mike said...

The woodshed is at just under half capacity, and its deluxe extension built last summer is stuffed full to bursting, so we're set for next year already! Once we turn this winter's windfalls into firewood, we'll have a two year supply. Always good to be prepared!