Thursday, February 14, 2008

Miniature Donkey Stranded by Monster Avalanche

(Lone Butte - exclusive to the Inman Road Chronicles) A miniature donkey was left stranded in the big pasture early last evening when a monster avalanche swept all the snow off the roof of his house, obstructing the opening in the fence that serves as an entry to his exclusive lodgings. Rupert, 10, was uninjured when the slide occurred, as he was 50 ft away in the pasture, scarfing down hay put out for his companion horse, Buck. Rupert had to seek overnight refuge in the big loafing shed, as failing daylight hindered snow removal efforts.

A snow removal crew of one finally arrived at 1 pm this afternoon after attending to other matters at the local hospital. Within 30 minutes, access to Rupert's pen was restored, and he was back in his house. Officials will monitor the avalanche risk and consider preventative snow clearing.

Rupert has declined comment, but is clearly unhappy at having endured such an ordeal.


Vic Grace said...

I am glad Rupert is alright. I like the way you wrote your news exclusive.

Jean said...

Oh Rupert! You poor, hard-done-by donkey! I really think you better come live with me - we don't get avalanches from the roofs here.

Cicero Sings said...

Loved your news flash!

I think Rupert is such a hoot ... just to look at him! So set in his WAYS! My, it was probably good for him to be displaced for a night! Just think how much more he'll appreciate his already appreciated digs!!!

KarenSr said...

Oh my goodness...poor Rupert!!