Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sad News

For some reason, yesterday morning I was thinking about Maura, a good friend from a previous workplace. She moved to Revelstoke years ago with her family, and we've stayed sporadically in touch. I was watching the morning news this morning, and as soon as I heard that a helicopter pilot had been killed in Golden, I knew it was her husband Andy, even before they said his name. And it was. How very sad. All the heliskiing passengers survived and walked away from the emergency landing. Andy leaves behind Maura, and their son 12, and daughter 10.


Cicero Sings said...

Ah sad news in deed, for it intimately touches my favorite Aunt's family. Maura is my cousin's husband's youngest sister! (What a small world that you should know this family!) So difficult to lose a husband and father of young children ... such a rude shock!

Hunde Haus said...
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Karen & Mike said...

Hund Haus, I have deleted the specualtive statement(which was reported in news items), along with your comment which repeated it. Thanks for your visit.