Friday, March 28, 2008


Minus 17 degrees in the morning is seeming a little chilly for the time of year. True, it's clear and going to be a beautiful day, but, Jeez Louise, it's almost April.

Mike was heading from Delta to Edmonton yesterday, and due to all the snow on the Coquihalla he took the Fraser Canyon route instead. Cody and I drove (well, I did the driving) down to Cache Creek and met him for dinner! We spent a lovely hour together having a slightly less than gourmet meal at the restaurant at the Husky, and then we parted ways for a week. At the end of April, I'll be going truckin' with Mike for three weeks to who knows where. That will also mark the beginning of Cody's new career as a trucking buddy.


Amy said...

I'm amazed it's still so cold where you are.

We used to stop at the Husky station all the time when I was little, on our way south to visit family. I think the food used to be better back then. We were there last Sept. and it was a bit disappointing - or maybe my tastes have changed :)

Vic, the Cariboo Ponderer said...

We were -10 but it warmed up to about 2 today and the sun was glorious but the wind was deadly. I went for a walk and my cheeks felt like they were going to freeze, I wanted to take some photos but my camera was too cold and wouldn't work. Ibcqn the solarium it was 27 and I had to open windows. My little seedlings are loving it.

I hope Rupert is over his icy tumble.