Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning & House Training

On a scale of 1-10, my love for housekeeping sits somewhere around negative 6. But clean I must, and today I tackled the top of the kitchen cupboards for, um, the first time ever. Let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight. However, it's all done, and I've put paper towelling up top, so next time, it'll just be a quick paper change instead of major elbow grease.

It's a gorgeous sunny day, and very windy. A good wind helps decrease snow volume!

I have the kitchen timer set for hourly, to remind me to take Cody out on the leash to pee. The vet doesn't think there's much chance of a UTI, he thinks Cody is a busy little sh*t who has other things on his mind than where and when he should pee. I bought him a wire crate on Thursday to help matters, and he spent last night in there. We had a spot free night, and he did well when I took him out. If he just goes running out with the other dogs, he doesn't remember to pee. After they'd all been out for 20 minutes this morning, he came in and whizzed just inside the door. Anyway other than that, so far so good today. His neuter is booked for April 14.

Happy Easter, all!


Amy said...

Doesn't cleaning seem incredibly futile? At least when I do stuff in the yard it looks nice for a while :)

I had to laugh at your description of training Cody - brings back all too recent memories of training issues with my kids!

Cicero Sings said...

Happy Easter Back.

Not too fond of housekeeping myself! Top of cupboards ... yuck. Oh, oh, reminds me, I suppose I should look at mine?!!! That TKO stuff really helps to dissolve the grime ... for future reference.

Cody training sounds ... interesting. Makes me wonder if I REALLY want a puppy!!!

We're down at the coast ... as of today!!! Decided this a.m. Never a dull moment.

Happy Days off!