Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What did you see on your way to work this morning?

I was lucky enough to see a lovely cow moose idly browsing on willow branches!

We're alive and well, and there's very little going on in the great white north. (Insert repetetive whining about the snow here) The snow seems to be receding locally in all areas except ours...and I'm getting seriously fed up with its stubborn refusal to yield to more spring-like conditions. This time last year, the dogs and I were wandering all over the property, this year we're pretty much confined to the immediate area around the house and driveway. I knew that damned groundhog was going to be wrong this year!

My mom and dad came up for a quick weekend visit, and I think they were a little surprised by how wintery things still are here. Today is my dad's birthday...Many Happy Returns & lots of love!

Cody is well...teething and chewing and full of mischief. He and Lucy are off to see the vet on Thursday; Cody for shots, deworming and a general once over (it's possible that he may have a UTI, based on the fact that he'll go outside & pee, and then come in and pee inside three more times in the next hour), and Lucy for a renewal of her meds for her hips and other arthritic joints.

And now to light the fire, fill up the woodstove, and head to the nest to finish the latest Dick Francis novel.


Jean said...

Sending positive, warm, snow-melting thoughts your way!

I saw the first black bear of the season across from my property the other day - looked like a yearling. There were seven around last spring, so I'm hoping some of them have now moved on.

Despite all my hiking and camping, I've only seen a moose twice in my long life - I envy you, they are beautiful animals.


Ruth said...

If I saw a cow moose on my way to work, I would call the news station! Whine about the snow...I will join you.

Amy said...

I just read Jean's comment and thought, "Oh no!" I don't feel ready to deal with the bears yet. At least we have a bear proof garbage can this year!

Hang in there, spring is coming and that darned snow can't hold out much longer!