Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cody Amos, Cute and Famous

Here's Cody apres beauty salon...and not quite as poofy as when he first got home. Between then and photo, he'd been out in a snow storm, and lost some of the bouffant-ness on top of his head!

Colder today, and very little melting going on. We're having frequent flurries, and I'm hanging on to hope that the weather guy is correct in his warm weather predictions for the weekend.
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turtlegardens said...

He really does look like a shih tzu doesn't he. He is cute as a button and his eyes look full of mischief!! Glad to see him.

Cicero Sings said...

Hey! I like Cody's new do!! Oh my, if he's got shih tzu in him look out ... a mind of his own for sure. My SIL has a full blown shih tzu ... cute as can be but a rascal pure and simple!

Jean said...

He's adorable, Karen! Of course, with the melty-melty-muddy season just beginning up there, I wonder how long that nice clean coat will last! LOL!

Karen & Mike said...

The good thing is, he's pretty much the same colour as the mud, so it doesn't show too much!