Monday, May 26, 2008

Gardens and Clotheslines

Hmmm, it seems I haven't blogged in over a week...I could've sworn it was just a couple of days ago. Oh well, back at it again.

Mike was home all last week, and we got some projects done. The new garden bed is fully fenced, dogproofed, and mostly planted. So far I've put in peas, potatoes, bush beans (dodgy, as we can have frost any month of the year), two types of carrots, beets, swiss chard, turnips, rutabagas, two types of parsnips, leeks, cauliflower & basil (in the green house). I haven't made a trek to the garden centres yet to get tomatoes and zucchini; maybe after work tomorrow.

And I finally have a clothesline! (Which explains why it's been raining for the last couple of days.) Nothing smells better than clothes, towels and bedding fresh off a clothesline. And we can be a little greener, by not using the dryer & fabric softener very often.

We spent yesterday afternoon getting the truck stocked and packed up, and Mike and Cody set off in the early hours of the morning. They are on their way to Pennsylvania! It seems very quiet here without Cody Amos...I haven't been apart from him for more than a few hours since his arrival at the end of February. It's odd having my shoes stay beside the door; I usually have to track them down when he's around.

Photos tomorrow!


Ruth said...

Time does fly. I have given up on my clothesline, much as I love the smell of outdoors dried laundry. If I hang it before work, it inevitably rains before I get home.

Cicero Sings said...

I would love a cloths line ... we just can't decide where to put one. Cloths hanging on a line look SO nice ... homey!

I bet you are missing Cody! I dog sat for just a few days and I missed Topsy for several days after. Good thing D is home again for company!!!

Jean said...

I love my clothesline! And I empathize with Ruth - I only hang laundry outside on days when I am going to be home all day!! Too many times I came home to rain-soaked laundry; it is amazing how DIRTY rain can be!

And I've given up on gardens - not enough water here in summer, too many weeds and slugs in spring....I've never been able to grow anything here. The absolute BEST gardens I had were in the Northwest Territories - Veggies, berries and flowers just thrived during those looooong days of summer, as few as they were. I grew everything up there!

Vic Grace said...

You have been industrious. We put in broad beans which seem to do very well up here. Also chard and some lettuce. We thinned out our strawberries and gave them a whole new bed but that is about the extent of it this year. I have tried to grown cauliflower before in Fort St. John and Edmonton and had to throw them away they were so full of caterpillars I hope you have better luck.

Amy said...

I too would LOVE a clothesline! You've gotten an incredible amount of work done on your garden. I'd love to see pictures :)