Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday I came home to find Buck happily lounging in Rupert's pen; this morning he was leisurely browsing on clover outide the front door. He has become a houdini! I have not yet figured out how he's doing this; the fenceline is intact.

This morning shows promise of being a lovely day. I don't start work today until 10 a.m., so I'll have a while to putter outside after the kettle boils and I have my morning tea. I bought some herbs and tomato plants on the way home from work yesterday, so I'll plant them today or tonight.

Rupert last eveing having a dusty nap. He looks terribly shaggy at the moment; his winter coat is coming out very slowly and in patches.

We had our first rhubarb of the season on Sunday! The plants are threatening to take over the entire bed; they'll be moved to the big garden in the fall.

This little chard plant survived the winter!


Ruth said...

My first rhubarb of the spring has enormous leaves and short stalks. I have had two cuttings so far and need to do another. Chard is pretty hardy, but you had cold temps. Did it seed itself? I let my lettuce go to seed and it reseeds in the spring (sometimes in the lawn!)

Karen & Mike said...

Ruth, this chard had a little green leaf as the snow came off! I have lots of self-seeded spinach; first spinach salad tonight, I think!

Anonymous said...

man you must have a great husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol m@ca xoxoxoxo

Jean said...

Hmmm.... I wonder if either Buck or Rupert have learned to use their lips to open gates? I know some horses and donkeys who are quite skilled at this - and if the gate swings shut behind them, the owner is left scratching their head!
The miniature donkey just down the road from me has the teeniest, tiniest miniature donkey baby. It looks like a mini-size, extra fluffy Rupert - hardly bigger than Cody! I am in love.