Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day

Happy 141st Birthday, Canada! I worked at the hospital this morning, and I'm having a leisurely afternoon at home.

This afternoon thunderheads have gathered, and we are being serenaded by distant and not so distant rumbles. Thunder makes Lucy nervous, Gillis can't hear it anymore, and Jasper is oblivious. Buck and Rupert don't seem bothered at all. I enjoy thunderstorms, except for the fire risk they pose in the summer.

The past few days have been very hot; too warm to be outside doing anything except first thing in the morning or later in the evening.

My veggie garden is starting to take off; it has been so cold and wet that nothing much has happened until the last week or two. I've had fresh mixed lettuce, baby chard and rocket salads for the last couple of days. Yesterday I thinned the turnips and hoed some of the very prolific weeds.

This is our worst year for mosquitoes since we moved here...the late wet spring and cool damp early summer have provided ideal conditions for them. We still have several patches of standing water which have normally dried up in May. I'm not a DEET fan, but it's that or stay inside these days. There's usually a welcoming mosquito coil burning just outside the front door.

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Karen B Sr. said...

Just my luck to be arriving for a bumper mosquito crop!! Good thing you are worth it. Can't wait to see you, love KB Sr

Ruth said...

I usually brag that mosquitoes never bother me but this year I am covered in bites. We have had many grey days like the one in your picture, but thankfully not too hot.

Weeping Sore said...

One advantage of my So. Cal. veggie garden is no mosquitos - too hot and dry for 'em. My cool season veggies - lettuce and chard etc are all bolting now so I can scavenge seed for next year. I'm on to tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. For some reason, my eggplants are not doing well this year - too hot too soon.
Love the picture of thunderclouds.

Cicero Sings said...

I love a good thunder shower ... especially if, like this one, it brings lots of rain! My garden is taking off too ... but I'm not getting lettuce quite yet! I need to thin my beets and turnips too ... maybe this evening!

Amy said...

My tomatoes finally really took off with the heat we had last week, and now we're getting some nice rain. We were able to pick lettuce and a few radishes for the first time on Canada Day.