Monday, July 14, 2008


Rupert keeping an eye on things.
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Vic Grace said...

I don't mind getting the wood from the wood pile but getting it out of the bush is tiring. Rupert has such lovely soft eyes. The only donkey I ever knew was in UK at my boarding school called Jenny and she was a horror always trying to bite people. Probably she was scared of all us kids.

Cicero Sings said...

Rupert has such ... character ... how could not help but love him. The dogs looks like they were having a ton of fun in all that clover too ... while Buck munched his lunch.

Ah yes, the retired life ... very rough! ... but as soon as you can ... jump into it ... !!

Jean said...

Ah Rupert - your mom doesn't post anywhere near enough pictures of you!! I can feel that soft, soft place under your chin and your beautiful velvety ears, and I can hear your mealtime bray all the way down here (oh, wait, maybe those are the neighbourhood donkeys'm sure it is Rupert).

I think Gillis is my kinda dog - hard of hearing, sometimes confused, looks like he just climbed out of bed ....sounds like me! Give him an extra scritch from his cyber-friend down south.

Amy said...

What a handsome guy! Loved all those clover photos.

Vic Grace said...

I thought I had your email address but in answer to your comment about meds. No I am not on any pills, I can control the diabetes with diet alone. Since I have always lived low carb my numbers are quite good and doctor does not think I need meds. I have lost a little weight lately and that could be the reason the BP is dropping also I forget to drink enough. My own worst enemy probably, Thanks for your comment on my post