Monday, July 14, 2008

The Critters

Here's Buck, grazing in the clover. The clover got planted around the house last year as a low maintenance dust suppressant, and has more or less taken over everywhere. It is very invasive. Buck gets to graze on it for an hour or two most days.

Cody, Jasper and Lucy having a good time!

Gillis looking dignified. He's hard of hearing and a bit confused sometimes, but he's going strong at 12.

Molly taking a dust bath.
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Ruth said...

I really doesn't seem that long ago that this area was covered in deep snow. The clover looks lovely and fresh.

Amy said...

I had to laugh, imagining ten acres of land covered in newspaper, when I read your comment this morning Karen! Maybe it would work if you covered it in newspaper and then manure, lol! Though, that might not make your neighbors too happy either.