Sunday, July 13, 2008


This spring I was surprised to find some volunteer garlic growing happily in last year's bed. I thought I'd got it all last summer, but obviously I missed a few cloves. I'll leave the other bed for a few more weeks, but I pulled these this morning to make room for some fall chard I want to sow. These seem mostly to be one or two giant cloves per bulb. Sadly, I lost my detailed list of all the garlic varieties I planted the year before last, so I don't know what varieties I have.
Things are busy here. I am in an ongoing war with weeds, and don't seem to be winning the battle. I've been burning roots and branches in the side pasture this morning, just a very small contained fire.
We had frost on Friday morning. My pathetic little bean plants died once and for great loss as they were struggling big time to get going. The top leaves of the potatoes got some frost damage too, but they will be okay. Gardening at 3800 ft can be challenging; we can have frost any month of the year, although we're usually okay from early June to mid August.
Mike was home for a couple of days, and will be back for a week in a few days. Cody is staying here with me this week.
Buck's leg is coming along slowly but surely...I am still dressing it every day or two. He is well and comfortable.


Hedgie said...

"We had frost on Friday morning."

Good grief. Way down here in the Deep U. S. South, we haven't seen frost since March and aren't likely to see it again until late November, most likely. The mint for the mint juleps is plumb wiltin' with the heat.

Jean said...

Love those volunteers! Two years ago, I planted some potatoes in a back corner of my yard. They ended up being buggy and inedible, but I dug them all and tossed them away. Last year I planted nothing and just let the weeds fill in the patch of dirt.
Last week, I'm putting some grass clippings in the compost box I built near the spot when - lo and behold - I see amidst the weeds potato leaves about a foot high! Lots of them. I am going to totally ignore them, and come fall perhaps I will have a healthy yummy crop.