Thursday, October 09, 2008


It was a very nippy -9.5 degrees here this morning, warming up to about 5 degrees in the afternoon. I made an impromptu excursion to Kamloops today; it was a glorious day for driving. After the obligatory mug of tea upon arriving home, I finally got out into the garden. I mixed some sand and composted manure (thanks Buck and Rupert!) into one of the raised beds, and got the garlic planted. I hope I didn't leave it too late; if I did, I'll consider it a lesson learned and plant in September. If not, I'll probably procrastinate even more and leave it till November next year.

Mike and Cody are lounging around in Lansing, Michigan for the next 36 hours, and will be delivering steel to somewhere in Illinois on Monday morning.

All is well in our corner of the woods tonight.


Cicero Sings said...

Brrr cold is right! Wow ... 7 degrees colder than us!

Yes, I hope we didn't leave our garlic too late too ... only time will tell. I would have liked to have gotten it in one week earlier but we were tootling around the country side!

Mike and Cody sure do make tracks. A well traveled dog ... he should write a book ... The Road From a Dog's Eyes.

Ruth said...

You are experiencing a deep freeze already. I wonder if that cool air will migrate east?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful talking to you yesterday my friend. I miss you down at the coast but am glad you have found your place in this world. Hi to all the pooches, Buck and Rupert too.K