Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Red Sky In the Morning...

Here was the sunrise yesterday morning...

And here's what happened for the rest of the day!

The dogs love the snow...(Jasper and Cody)

And the chickadees love their peanuts.

So, yes, we are all alive and well here. I haven't posted for weeks, and I thought I'd better update so you didn't think we'd fallen off the face of the earth, or even worse. So, what has been getting in the way of blogging? Um, life. I recently finished working 15 consecutive days and lived to tell about it. There have been plenty of pre-winter chores to do, and Mike and Cody have just headed back out after 10 days at home.

I've actually been devoting most of my computer time for the last couple of months to following the US election. I've become somewhat of a political junkie, and spent the afternoon and evening yesterday following the election coverage. What a great day for the United States...the metaphorical tide is turning.

Meanwhile, back on the homestead, yesterday was first real dump of snow for the season, and everything this morning was pristine. Things melted a bit today. The roads are in good shape.

Buck and Rupert had their season-finale pedicures yesterday, and are all set for winter.
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Cicero Sings said...

Nice to get the news from your front! Am also happy to get the weather/snow report ... especially as we are down at the coast at the moment.

Working 15 consecutive days! My goodness ... did someone take sick?

I confess, I am not into politics AT ALL! All my young years I was subjected to Dad's political yammerings. He wanted to be a politician or at least one of us to be one. I've a cousin that is and that is enough!

Ruth said...

Lovely picture of the two dogs. They are like children in the snow.

Amy said...

Wow! I was wondering if you got hit by the same storm as us. It was fun to watch the snow coming down, and to watch the storm approaching. The weather always approached us from the same direction. I love watching the snowstorms coming over the hills like a white curtain.