Sunday, November 09, 2008

April Revisited

The snow from early in the week has melted, and the last two nights have been above freezing. The resultant mud is more like what we see in April than what I'd expect for mid November. Most of the mud is generated by Buck near the fence where I feed him, but the dogs have also been tracking it in for the last two days. Sixteen dirty paws make a lot of mess!

The sky has cleared this afternoon, so I'm pretty confident all the muck will be frozen and non-messy again by tomorrow.

Here's a picture of Rupert, taken Tuesday.


Cicero Sings said...

Rupert looks like he is all set for winter ... with his lovely warm coat ... good munchies ... what more could he ask?

Mud ... yuck ... I'm glad we missed THAT part. Yes, we are still down south.

Vic Grace said...

The weather is the same here. I am glad the snow is late this year but I guess it is a mixed blessing when the roads are wet and it freeze to black ice overnight I would rather have snow.

Anonymous said...

Finally blogs! RinV

Jean said...

Rain, wind, sun, hail, but no snow here yet, thank goodness. However, it is a timely reminder to get my snowtires put on.

Rupert's coat looks great....I just want to stroke those lovely velvety ears and ruffle that mop on his head!!!