Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cody Amos...before and after

Little Cody was getting a tad too scruffy...so he had a very serious haircut!

With his long hair, he looks like a quintessential teddy bear. With the very warm places Cody and Mike go on their travels, he needed something a little cooler for summer...

And here he is, fresh from the beauty parlour! He'll be much more comfy during the warm months.
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Cicero Sings said...

Little Cody is cuter with a little extra fluff but hey, it'll grow all too soon! He'll enjoy the cool ... especially whilst in the cab or a truck.

Have fun with the boys while they're home.

(Glad to see a post!)

Amy said...

Don't we all wish we could look like we lost ten pounds that easily??

P.S. My mother is threatening to send Dennis Moore over here to take some of my lupines by force!

Ruth said...

He is awfully cute before and after. Reminds me of my father sitting my four brothers down to give them their summer brushcuts.

Jennifer said...

I see he's enjoying the new sofa!!

Very cute!